Product Review: Nike+

For anyone who runs, or wants to run, regularly, I wanted to take a minute a highly recommend checking out Nike+.  It’s extra awesome if you already own an iPod nano or touch that you like running with.

Here’s how it works.  There is a small sensor you put in your shoe, and a tiny adapter you plug into the bottom of your iPod.  (Note: If you don’t have an iPod nano/touch, you can buy a special watch instead to go with the sensor).  You’re technically supposed to have Nike shoes to use it, as they have a special little area in the shoe for the sensor.  If you don’t run in Nikes, no worries- there are a ton of hacks to get around this.  I bought this thing for $5 online, and everything works great.

So you pop the sensor in your shoe, and plug the adapter into your iPod.  You can chose a variety of options for your workout- for me, I just set a distance that I plan on running.  Once you start running, it tracks exactly how far you run and how fast you’re running.  It gives you cool little updates through your iPod… every mile or half mile, depending on how far you’re running.  It tells you when you’r half way down, and counts down the last 400m of the run.  It does this all seamlessly, merely lowering the music for a second while it updates you, then bringing the music back to full volume.  Getting those updates- without having to so much as look at a watch- is GREAT motivation to keep you you through a long run (for me at least).

The kicker- it automatically syncs with both your iTunes and the Nike+ site when you plug in your iPod to track your progress.  The web platform they have is pretty dope, and extremely multifaceted (screenshots below).  You can join different running groups, set daily goals for yourself, institute a training program… it honestly makes running by yourself fun, which is something I’ve struggled with since I lost the comroderie of running with a team.

I’ve only had it for a few days, so I’m sure there’s a lot of features I haven’t discovered.  But just the basics- knowing exactly how far/fast I’m running, the online platform- make it more than worth the $30 I paid. (Did I mention it’s only $30???  Downside if you don’t have an iPod- the watch/sensor kit is $60).  Considering how much you pay for running shoes to begin with, combined with how much you would have to pay for a GPS watch or something with similar-but-not-as-cool functionality as this, AND the value of added health by encouraging you to run more… and this is a sweet product.

Nike+ screenshot1


One Response to “Product Review: Nike+”

  1. Addar Says:

    I just scanned over some of your entries, and I really like your blog, and the articles you hyperlink to.

    The only fault I find is that you’re clearly turning into me…… (Nike+ and Coffee??? C’mon….)

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